Liu Chang - The Flow of Nature - Li Qiu 自然之流 - 立秋


Liu Chang - The Flow of Nature - Li Qiu 自然之流 - 立秋

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The Flow of Nature - Li Qiu, 2018.
Temperature and humidity sensitive print
11.81 x 11.81 inch
Edition of 10 + 1 AP

自然之流 - 立秋,2018.
30 x 30 cm

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The 24 Solar Terms (二十四节气), knowledge in traditional East Asian lunisolar calendars, are developed through observation of the sun's annual circular motion. Originated in China, solar terms respond to the needs of seasonal rules and weather and disaster forecast in the traditional agricultural society. Liu Chang’s series “The Flow of Nature” uses computer-generated images to represent each solar term. By substituting the historical extremum values of weather parameters such as temperature, humidity, and wind speed of each solar term, the 24 solar terms are abstracted into many interconnected weaving patterns, akin to fragments extracted from time. Applying data-visualization method, the work thus encompasses phenological information, cultural elements, and real meteorological data. The artist plans to collect more weather data in the future, therefore we will be able to see the clues and traces of climate changes from the changes in the work in the following years.

“The Flow of Nature” series features computer-generated animations in series and 24 prints. In each animation, digitized solar terms appear in turns and circulate endlessly; by contrast, in the prints produced by Chengdu-based apartment silkscreen studio “Happy Town,” each solar term is frozen into a frame of a still image. Among them, there are four interactive prints titled  Lichun (the Beginning of Spring), Lixia (the Beginning of Summer), Liqiu (the Beginning of Autumn) and Lidong (the Beginning of Winter). When the humidity and temperature changes, patterns on the four prints will change accordingly. Liu has always been interested in the interaction between people, machinery, and nature, and “The Flow of Nature” series further brings into her interest the temporal dimension. The entire group of interactive prints can only be fully appreciated upon the completion of a full cycle in each year. As Liu suggests: “I hope there is a kind of interaction that is subtle, silent, circuit-free, and even touchless. Temperature, humidity, tactile sensations are exactly the elements that occur naturally throughout our body and interact with us all the time.”

The work is on show at Fou Gallery, from July 14, 2018 to September 23, 2018, at Liu Chang: The Light of Small Things.