STUF is a New York City based independent design house focusing on a range of accessories including bags, jewelry and home goods. Inspired by Eastern concepts of moderation and harmony, Stuf products encourage balanced interactions between people and objects through controlled forms, subtle colors and sophisticated materials. All Stuf products are carefully sourced from responsible vendors and handmade with the greatest care.

一个冬天,在纽约上州森林的一个小木屋里,Anne和Emily产生了建立STUF产品工作室的想法。 和这世上大多设计师品牌一样,创立STUF,很大程度上是为了用上自己想用的东西。弥漫系列的设计灵感来源于纽约冬天地下冒出的白雾,白色是弥漫的原色,从材质延展到人们的生活中。当白色脏了,油污和尘埃可以清洗,但斑点划痕会留下。这是生活的印记,是人们的回忆,而同时弥漫充满想象。所有STUF的产品原料都精选来自有社会责任感和环境意识的供应商,并坚持精心手作。